About us

We can locate your next timepiece for you no matter where it is manufactured at a competitive price,deliver quickly, and offer expert advice when asked. We offer over four decades of experience and expertise allowing our clientele to make educated decisions regarding their desired watch. These forty years have allowed us to amass a contact list world wide and second to none. We will find the watch you want at a price you are willing to pay, and deliver it to you within an acceptable time frame. Great service, excellent products, and affordable pricing - does it get any better?

Since 1971, we have specialized in our expert location services of all shapes and sizes of loose diamonds. Most diamond dealers stock a few diamonds and try to sell you whatever they have in stock at the time. It is therefore difficult for them to not have a bias. We, on the other hand, offer GIA, EGL, AGS and many other laboratory graded diamonds from all over the world. We have some inventory, but focus is on you and your requirements - not just making the sale. We have been proud members of the Diamond Dealers Club of New York and Polygon for many years and offer diamonds from the vast selection offered by these entities. The result - you buy exactly the diamond you want, not the diamond we want to get rid of.