Certified Previously Owned Watches
100% satisfaction is our guarantee. Upon delivery we offer a full Three-Day Inspection/Return Privilege on all of our “Certified Previously Owned” watches. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we will refund your payment (less shipping charges) upon receipt of the watch in our office. Please Contact Us by the third business day after you receive the watch if for some reason you decide to return it. The watch must be in the same condition it was received. This has been our customer 100% satisfaction guarantee for almost 50 years.

Never Worn / New Watches
A watch can only be sold as “Never Worn / New” one time! When our customers order a “Never Worn/New” watch they expect exactly that, a watch that has not been previously worn or used by someone else. Many retailers and online stores have very liberal return policies on “Never Worn/New” watches. Chances are, if you order a luxury watch from one of these stores you may receive a watch that you thought was “Never Worn/New” but may have been worn by someone else and then returned -- perhaps even dropped or damaged. 

To ensure that our customers receive a true “Never Worn / New” watch, we do not accept returns on “Never Worn / New” watches.